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  • Anthony Picerno

    Happy Birthday to my good friend, Carlos: the man who went toe to toe in the ring with cancer and won. Although the after effects of his treatments have created some obstacles, Carlos has superior levels of functioning in the skills that count the most. The type of skills that facilitate kindheartedness. And respect. And loyalty. And empathy, and love.

    Too bad they don't give degrees for one's capacity to love. Because if they did, my friend Carlos would be the kind of renowned professor that schools name buildings after. He may have some difficulties, but when it comes to love and friendship - he is a master who we'd all be lucky to study from. Happy Birthday to my buddy - the guy who turns strangers into family and remembers everybody's names - Carlos Saavedra!

    SEED Internet Solutions

    Proud and honored to be the official website sponsor for the CRS Foundation. A truly remarkable and inspirational human being, Carlos represents the hope of so many others with dibilitating diseases and afflictions. Lead the way, young man!

    Scott Young

    My fiancé's sister and her husband's only child was born with MPS disease or Hunters disease. A rare debilitating affliction effecting only males. His name was Ryan Duffy. Despite his exceptionality, Ryan was an A student in H.S. He got his drivers license and despite his deformed hands, played piano and could tear up the drums. In a routine procedure to replace a medical port in his chest he suffered a loss of oxygen and went into a coma. The only hospital prepared to treat a Hunter was 2 hours from his parents home. Not wanting to leave their sons side they stopped working and stayed in a local hotel. Expenses mounted exponentially. Friends and family gave what they could.

    In a passing conversation with Mike Caposella, he told me the CRS Foundation may be able to help. Within a week or two Ryan's dad, Joe Duffy called me and said he received $1000.00. His voice choked with emotion expressing his gratitude.

    Sadly, two months later at the age of 17, on July 20, 2014 with his parents lying beside him, Ryan passed. As almost always, with tragedy comes a blessing. Ryan's mom, Stephanie and her husband Joe are expecting another child! On behalf of my fiancé Teresa, our family and Joe and Steph Duffy, I want to say THANK YOU!!.

    I know we are not the only family to benefit from the CRS Foundation. You are touching lives and that's something very, very special.

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